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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ -haw!’ (rodeo cry) YEE
‘As I see it,’ to a texter IMO
‘Star Trek’ lieutenant UHURA
‘Yecch!’ UGH
Anthropologist Margaret MEAD
Arctic explorer John RAE
Away from the office NOTIN
Baseball glove MITT
Capote nickname TRU
Chinese food assortment DIMSUM
Colonial newscaster CRIER
Computer symbols ICONS
Concert venue ARENA
Crater part RIM
Crisp cookie SNAP
Cuba’s Castro FIDEL
Day light? SUN
Despot TSAR
Dunkable treat DONUT
Economic declines DOWNTURNS
Fall guy STOOGE
Feeling no pain NUMB
Fish-fowl link NOR
Follows TAILS
Greek H ETA
Guam’s capital AGANA
Have a bug AIL
Hearty brew ALE
Hosp. area ICU
Hostel INN
Invitee GUEST
Lennon’s lady ONO
Clues Answers
Leopard’s feature SPOT
Light brown TAWNY
LPs’ successors CDS
NASCAR advertiser STP
Nevertheless, briefly THO
Overact EMOTE
PBS funder NEA
Portly STOUT
Profit NET
Puts in the fridge COOLS
Right angle ELL
Root (for) CHEER
Salt Lake athlete UTE
Short skirts MINIS
Shred RIP
Sitcom star Foxx REDD
Slugger’s stat RBI
Snoring, in comics ZZZ
Sound from a hot wok SSS
SSW opposite NNE
Swiss canton URI
Tart flavor TANG
They have their pride LIONS
Third-place medal BRONZE
Tic- -toe TAC
Tokyo’s historic name EDO
Totally wrong ALLWET
Trio after Q RST
Ump’s call OUT
Ump’s call SAFE
Warm and snug COZY
Workout site GYM