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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
‘The Addams Family’ butler LURCH
Actor Stephen REA
Alpha follower BETA
Amtrak express ACELA
Beethoven’s ‘Für __ ‘ ELISE
Beige ECRU
Bolivian city SUCRE
Brewed beverages COFFEES
Brit. record label EMI
Castle ROOK
Catherine, notably EMPRESS
Eloquent person’s talent GIFTOFGAB
Energy VIM
Fleur-de- __ LIS
For fear that LEST
GPS suggestion RTE
Gut-punch reaction OOF
Horseshoe site HOOF
Houston team ASTROS
Impudent SASSY
Inventor Nikola TESLA
JFK info ETA
Jurist Fortas ABE
Kanga’s kid ROO
Kibosh NIX
Kimono sash OBI
Land in the Irish Sea ISLEOFMAN
Mal de __ MER
Marathoner’s stat TIME
Memory method ROTE
Moon mission APOLLO
Municipalities CITIES
Muscat’s land OMAN
Museum piece WORKOFART
Music booster AMP
Not ‘neath OER
Observe SEE
Oft-tattooed word MOM
Oklahoma city ADA
Picnic veggie EAROFCORN
Pledge VOW
Praise in verse ODE
Rover’s pal FIDO
Small barrel KEG
Soft and weak EFFETE
Sprite ELF
Stretches (out) EKES
Sushi fish EEL
Telethon array PHONES
Tennis feat ACE
Tex- __ cuisine MEX
Train lines (Abbr.) RRS
Unruly group MOB
Use a shovel DIG
VIP on Air Force One POTUS
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Wedding words IDO
Wilson’s predecessor TAFT
Word game with dice BOGGLE