Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Cars” frontman Ric OCASEK
“Christina’s World” artist WYETH
40 winks CATNAP
Actress Blunt EMILY
Adjust a tad TWEAK
Airline to Sweden SAS
Animal product shunners VEGANS
Away from WSW ENE
Battery measures VOLTS
Big gulp SWIG
Bluish-purple flowers VIOLETS
Brewer’s kiln OAST
Camper owners, for short RVERS
Campus mil. group ROTC
Carter of “Wonder Woman” LYNDA
Chicago winter hrs CST
Cleric’s tunic ALB
Colorful flowers ZINNIAS
Competitor RIVAL
Corp. leaders CEOS
Dazzles AWES
Defeats BESTS
Fawn’s mom DOE
Feathery wrap BOA
Goofed ERRED
Gun lobby org NRA
Have bills OWE
Honest politician ABE
How most contracts are signed INPEN
Ice cream utensil SPOON
Jay follower KAY
Little rascal IMP
Long. crosser LAT
Lupino of film IDA
Matty of baseball ALOU
More comfy COZIER
Nay undoer AYE
Not dressy CASUAL
Opposite of most LEAST
Pious sort SAINT
Poet Pound EZRA
Popular typeface ARIAL
Radius neighbor ULNA
RandB singer Des’__ REE
Red blooms POPPIES
Request ASK
Sawbuck TEN
Scale members RES
School paper ESSAY
Small batteries AAS
Spring bloomers AZALEAS
Stimpy’s pal REN
Terrific SUPER
Unconventional OUTRE
Victory sign VEE
Volcanic rock BASALT
Wall St. whiz ARB
Western resort lake TAHOE
__ -Magnon CRO
__ standstill ATA
__ van Beethoven LUDWIG

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