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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – May 8 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Lion King” villain SCAR
“Spanglish” star Téa LEONI
Acquire canines TEETHE
Act parts SCENES
Actress Turner LANA
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Altar affirmative IDO
Amazon’s virtual assistant ALEXA
Barber’s tool RAZOR
Boston team, for short SOX
Bowling lane button RESET
Casual top TSHIRT
Christen BAPTIZE
Coffee bar offering LATTE
Cookie morsel CRUMB
Ecstasy BLISS
Entreat BEG
Exist ARE
Fill out Schedule A ITEMIZE
Film ratings PGS
Fixed look GAZE
Fragment PIECE
French article LES
Getting 100 on ACING
Golfer Ernie ELS
Granola morsel OAT
Gratuity TIP
Half of XIV VII
Here, to Henri ICI
Hosp. workers DRS
Indy event RACE
Jazz singer James ETTA
Light brown TAN
Madrid Mrs SRA
Messing on TV DEBRA
Moreover AND
Most despicable BASEST
Nail polish ENAMEL
Narrow cuts SLITS
Nev. neighbor CAL
Nile viper ASP
Nontalkers CLAMS
Omega preceder PSI
Peak (Abbr.) MTN
Poetic dusk EEN
Popular typeface ARIAL
Pouch SAC
Pound of verse EZRA
Power co. supply ELEC
Rental contract LEASE
Service period STINT
Small, medium and large, e.g SIZES
St. Teresa’s city AVILA
Steak cut RIBEYE
Suspect’s excuse ALIBI
Talk on and on NATTER
Tofu source SOY
Treat as a celebrity LIONIZE
Trio after Q RST
Upper body sculptures TORSI
Uses a phone CALLS
Way to go (Abbr.) RTE
Work with UTILIZE