Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Today’ co-host Kotb HODA
__ Karenina’ ANNA
Bank statement no ACCT
Being filmed ONCAMERA
Canyon sound ECHO
Chatter YAP
Chinese chairman MAO
Cottontail RABBIT
Decorate a cake ICE
Driver’s license info EYECOLOR
Dweeb NERD
eBay offer BID
Enthusiast FAN
Equitable FAIR
Ernie’s pal BERT
Fraternity members BROTHERS
French river OISE
Golf’s Palmer ARNOLD
Greek salad cheese FETA
Gypsy Rose __ LEE
Harmful publicity BADPRESS
Historic period ERA
Hosp. scans MRIS
Hot tub SPA
Idle time for an NFL team BYEWEEK
Incursion RAID
Japanese city KYOTO
Jurist Fortas ABE
Letters after Q RST
Lion packs PRIDES
Madrid museum PRADO
McDonald’s founder Ray KROC
Military sch ACAD
Noisy snakes RATTLERS
Otherwise ELSE
Oversupply GLUT
Owed amount DEBT
Pen tip NIB
Persian leader SHAH
Playwright Levin IRA
Requirement NEED
Reuben base RYEBREAD
Saintly ring HALO
Ship’s staff CREW
Sicilian peak ETNA
Singer McGraw TIM
Sphere ORB
Sprint DASH
Sultry singer Kitt EARTHA
Supporting FOR
Tea carrier TRAY
Those opposed ANTIS
Tiers ROWS
Treaty PACT
Troubles WOES
Variety KIND
Whatever number ANY
Yarn label identifiers DYELOTS

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