Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Fresh Air’ airer NPR
I cannot __ lie’ TELLA
‘So be it’ AMEN
‘The Good Earth’ heroine OLAN
‘Treasure’ singer Mars BRUNO
A billion years EON
Addict USER
Annual visitor SANTA
Arsenal supply AMMO
Attractive LOVELY
Bird (Pref.) AVI
Camera part LENS
Cold War initials USSR
Comic Leno JAY
Coveted assignments PLUMJOBS
Cravats TIES
Diamond shelters DUGOUTS
Done with OVER
Donkey ASS
Exist ARE
Favorites PETS
Flightless birds EMUS
Gents MEN
Golf stroke PUTT
Gossip source GRAPEVINE
Gym site, for short YMCA
Hayek of ‘Frida’ SALMA
Honest politician ABE
Hose material NYLON
Irish actor Stephen REA
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Lamb alias ELIA
Mess up ERR
Missing LOST
MSN rival AOL
News bulletin FLASH
On deck NEXT
On the briny ASEA
Opposite of ‘post-‘ PRE
Orchard starter Johnny APPLESEED
Partridge’s place PEARTREE
Potent stick TNT
Prompt CUE
Pub pint ALE
Simile center ASA
Skillet PAN
Snare TRAP
Sprite ELF
Stable enclosures STALLS
Stately tree ELM
Sugar or starch, for short CARB
Swing band instrument SAX
Tibetan monk LAMA
Toppers HATS
Verbal ORAL
Wine valley NAPA
World Cup cheer OLE
Wound cover SCAB
Wrestling surface MAT
Yalie ELI
__ Dhabi ABU
__ gin fizz SLOE
__ Major URSA

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