Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘Amen!’ YEAH
‘GMA’ network ABC
‘Have fun!’ ENJOY
‘Of course’ YES
‘Shoo!’ BEGONE
‘— Poetica’ ARS
Abhors HATES
Antlered animals STAGS
Apple tablet IPAD
Bedouins ARABS
Big fuss ADO
Cave mammal BAT
City in Kentucky LEXINGTON
City in Massachusetts BOSTON
City in Ohio DAYTON
City in Texas GALVESTON
Clean air org EPA
Convened MET
Corp. kingpins CEOS
Dessert wines PORTS
Feathery wrap BOA
Flippers FINS
Gets ready, briefly PREPS
Got up AROSE
Green sauce PESTO
Gun lobby org NRA
Half of bi- UNI
Incursion FORAY
Lend a hand HELP
Longing YEN
Macadamized PAVED
Mil. morale booster USO
Mineral suffix ITE
MSN alternative AOL
NBC weekend show SNL
One of Franklin’s certainties TAXES
Opening GAP
Opposite of paleo- NEO
Orange Muppet ZOE
Peevish fit SNIT
Pie — mode ALA
Prejudice BIAS
Previously AGO
Public persona IMAGE
Red — beet ASA
Reside DWELL
Ryan’s daughter TATUM
Sci-fi visitor ALIEN
Scribble (down) JOT
Side road BYWAY
Sky blue AZURE
Sound booster AMP
Squealer RAT
Stolen HOT
Sty chow SLOP
Sugary suffix OSE
Switch positions ONS
Texter’s ‘Wow!’ OMG
Tours season ETE
Trawler gear NETS
Tyler of ‘Jersey Girl’ LIV
Verdi works OPERAS
Victory sign VEE
Wall painting MURAL
Wish otherwise RUE

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