Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Platoon’ setting VIETNAM
‘Simpsons’ storekeeper APU
1994 sci-fi film STARGATE
And others (Lat.) ETAL
Animated figure TOON
Bean curd TOFU
Berlin’s country (Abbr.) GER
Bill’s partner COO
Body powder TALC
Cancel out NEGATE
CEO’s deg MBA
Cistern VAT
Comes up ARISES
Comic Philips EMO
Compete VIE
Concur AGREE
Coup d’__ ETAT
Crunchy sandwich BLT
Cushy SOFT
DDE predecessor HST
Directional ending ERN
Eliot’s ‘Adam __’ BEDE
Favorite PET
Feeling down SAD
First victim ABEL
Fluffy scarves BOAS
Goal AIM
Green shade MOSS
Impale GORE
Judge’s prop GAVEL
Klutz OAF
Lair DEN
Long. crosser LAT
Luggage attachment IDTAG
Middling mark CPLUS
Miles away AFAR
Military no-show AWOL
Mineral suffix ITE
Noshed ATE
On the rocks ICED
On/off switch TOGGLE
Papal emissary LEGATE
Parsley piece SPRIG
Pealed RANG
Pie fruit APPLE
Profit NET
Red shade CERISE
Rescue SAVE
Rotunda top DOME
Sailor’s cry AVAST
Sanitize CLEANSE
Santa __ winds ANA
Shows indifference SHRUGS
Spider’s home WEB
Stubborn beast MULE
Tarzan’s clique APES
That fellow HIM
Tolkien creatures ENTS
Trace of smoke WISP
Track shape OVAL
Triumphed WON
Tub session BATH
UFO crew ETS
Wimbledon divisions SETS
Yokels RUBES

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