Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 24 2018

Clues Answers
Born in the __’ USA
‘Queen of Soul’ Franklin ARETHA
Cal __ (baseball’s ‘Iron Man’) RIPKEN
Cartoon duck DAFFY
Chickens and ducks, e.g POULTRY
City near Syracuse UTICA
Computer key ESC
Convinces SWAYS
Dahl and Francis ARLENES
Dating from ASOF
Drench WET
Exposes BARES
Faction SIDE
Firstborn ELDEST
Foolproof SURE
Gather AMASS
Grazing land LEA
Grinch creator SEUSS
Historic time ERA
Hot and humid SULTRY
In __ (lined up) AROW
Indian tea region ASSAM
Inge play BUSSTOP
Initial chip ANTE
Joel or Ethan of Hollywood COEN
Jung’s inner self ANIMA
Kind of inspection ONSITE
Mauna __ LOA
McDonald’s emblem ARCHES
Clues Answers
Men’s neckwear accessory TIEPIN
Mentalist’s gift ESP
Mountain crest ARETE
Nixon’s veep AGNEW
Not digital ANALOG
Not neg POS
Noted 2001 bankruptcy ENRON
Olympic prize MEDAL
Omega preceder PSI
One of us YOU
PC screen type LCD
Rebel Turner NAT
Reddish-brown horse SORREL
Road curves ESSES
Singer Furtado NELLY
Sort ILK
Sports venues STADIA
Sprite ELF
Stomach woes ULCERS
Three- __ sloth TOED
Togetherness UNISON
TV pioneer RCA
Unique ONLY
Use a divining rod DOWSE
Walked boldly STRODE
Well-versed folks? POETS
WWII servicewoman WAC

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