Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Alley ‘ OOP
‘Phooey!’ RATS
Annie’s song TOMORROW
Baby carriages PRAMS
Big-screen buys TVS
Buckeyes’ sch OSU
Cabin component LOG
Caravan stops OASES
Carolina college ELON
Charitable gift ALMS
Comic Philips EMO
Commotion TODO
Director Howard RON
Distorted, as a message GARBLED
Epsilon follower ZETA
Existed WAS
Famed Patriots quarterback TOMBRADY
Farm unit ACRE
Frost lines POEM
Green sauce PESTO
Guns the engine REVS
Gusto ZEAL
Hatchet-like weapons TOMAHAWKS
Heavens above SKIES
Historic times ERAS
Hitter’s stat RBI
Hodgepodge OLIO
Implement TOOL
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Killer whale ORCA
Lay down the lawn SOD
Layer PLY
Like a milquetoast WIMPY
Long rides? LIMOS
loss ATA
Marseilles monarch ROI
Mensa measures IQS
Morning moisture DEW
Nest egg acronym IRA
O.K. Corral site TOMBSTONE
Palm starch SAGO
Panache ELAN
Peruke WIG
Plant seeds SOW
Privy LOO
Reply (Abbr.) ANS
Rude dude BOOR
School support org PTA
Science room LAB
Scratch (out) EKE
Sea, to Henri MER
Shopping center MART
Snake’s warning SSS
Somewhat (Suff.) ISH
Stir-fry pans WOKS
Surpass TOP
Sweater material WOOL
Thailand, once SIAM
Town centers SQUARES
Uno + uno DOS
Utah city OREM
Viral phenomenon MEME
Vogue rival ELLE
Whatever ANY
Without acting IDLY
Wrong AWRY
Yankee nickname AROD

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