Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘ Sera, Sera’ QUE
‘ were the days!’ THOSE
Abstract ideas CONCEPTS
Accumulate PILEUP
Admin. aide ASST
Alan of ‘Argo’ ARKIN
Antlered animals STAGS
Arduous journey TREK
Art Deco master ERTE
Asian desert GOBI
Bandshell events CONCERTS
Barrett or Jaffe RONA
Baseball great Jackson REGGIE
Baseball stats RBIS
Boozehounds DRUNKS
Bristle AWN
Buddhist sect ZEN
Chemical suffix ANE
Count start ONE
Crowd noise ROAR
Denny’s rival IHOP
Despot TSAR
Drifting ice FLOE
English channel? BBC
Exhaust TIRE
Explosion BLAST
Facts and figures DATA
Fireplace residue ASH
French article UNE
Frozen spike ICICLE
Genesis shepherd ABEL
GI’s address APO
Golf prop TEE
Gorilla APE
Greet HAIL
Guitar master Paul LES
Have debts OWE
Henry VIII’s Catherine PARR
Indigent POOR
La , Bolivia PAZ
Layer PLY
Make a sweater KNIT
Marathoner’s tempo PACE
May honoree MOM
Normandy battle site STLO
Not pizzicato ARCO
Old U.S. gas brand ESSO
Oodles ALOT
Operates RUNS
Pac-12 team UCLA
Pearl Harbor site OAHU
Read quickly SCAN
Rue the run ACHE
Sherlock’s assignment CASE
Sitcom pioneer Arnaz DESI
SSE’s opposite NNW
Still YET
Up-to-date NEW
Vacant, as a flat UNLET
War god ARES
Wet dirt MUD
Whispered ‘Hey!’ PSST

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