Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 4 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“As I see it,” in a text IMO
“Holy cow!” OHMAN
“Humbug!” BAH
“Levitating” singer Lipa DUA
“My word!” GEE
“Shoo!” SCAT
2001, to Cato MMI
Army bigwigs BRASS
Artist Chagall MARC
Asner and Harris EDS
Automobile CAR
Bar exercises CHINUPS
Beehive State UTAH
Bickering ATIT
Central points FOCI
Cold War initials USSR
Columbus’ home OHIO
Con job SCAM
Cooking fuel GAS
Crossword hint CLUE
Evergreens FIRS
Fan’s cry RAH
Fish-fowl insert NOR
French pronoun MOI
Hereditary unit GENE
Killer whales ORCAS
Lair DEN
Lima’s land PERU
Mormon church, for short LDS
Oodles ALOT
Parlor pieces SOFAS
Part of TNT TRI
Playful sea critter OTTER
Poet Teasdale SARA
Power co. supply ELEC
Prego rival RAGU
Pub orders ALES
Quirky ODD
Resistance unit OHM
Ritzy POSH
Rolling stone’s lack MOSS
Rose protector THORN
Santiago resident CHILEAN
Sashimi fish AHI
Scolding CHIDING
Sheer fabrics CHIFFONS
Sounds of relief AHS
Spanish ayes SISI
Spanish gold ORO
Stable enclosures STALLS
Suffix for million AIRE
Tabula __ RASA
Telly network BBC
Threaded fastener TNUT
Tom Collins liquor GIN
Top card ACE
Tousle MUSS
Trailblazing congresswoman Shirley __ CHISHOLM
Traveled the rapids RAFTED
Truthful HONEST
Virtuoso violinist Hilary HAHN
Weeding tool HOE
Zodiac animal RAM
__ Bator ULAN

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