Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Don’t rub !’ ITIN
‘The Mikado,’ e.g OPERETTA
‘Uh-huh’ YEP
Accra’s country GHANA
Antonym (Abbr.) OPP
Apr. addressee IRS
Armed forces MILITARY
Arp’s art DADA
Author Umberto ECO
Ballet attire TUTU
Big name in flatware ONEIDA
Bottled spirits? GENIES
Cattle call MOO
Club MED
Compassion PATHOS
Curved molding OGEE
Dance partner? SONG
Dash gauge TACH
Deli meat HAM
Do to do OCTAVE
Duel tool EPEE
Endure BEAR
Enrages IRES
Exploits USES
Fannie MAE
Florida county DADE
Forage for food, say SCROUNGE
Fruit farms that may sell cider APPLEORCHARDS
Himalayan peak EVEREST
HST follower DDE
Hwys RDS
Is for you? ARE
jiffy INA
London’s river THAMES
LP player HIFI
Mayberry boy OPIE
Not as messy NEATER
Office records FILES
Oklahoma city ADA
Paradise EDEN
Pole, e.g SLAV
Render defenseless UNARM
Sault Marie STE
Serengeti grazer ELAND
Serve lunch to FEED
Served soup LADLED
Sixth sense ESP
Sleuth Wolfe NERO
Slithery fish EEL
Snoopy’s foe REDBARON
Spanish greeting HOLA
Started LED
Sweetie HON
To date SOFAR
Urban haze SMOG
Wound, as a spring COILED
Yoga pad MAT

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