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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 1 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ a Kick Out of You’ IGET
‘Baby’ singer Justin BIEBER
‘Strange as it seems …’ ODDLY
‘Top Gun’ target MIG
Antlered animals STAGS
Bad hairpiece RUG
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
Body of water (Abbr.) RIV
Caesar or Vicious SID
Canyon GORGE
Caterwaul YOWL
Certain Honshu resident OSAKAN
Choose to participate OPTIN
Christian Andersen HANS
Chronicles ANNALS
Copper head? ABE
Copycat MIMIC
Does in SLAYS
Estuary RIA
Extraterrestrials ALIENS
Fashion designer Bill BLASS
Film spools REELS
Genetic letters RNA
Gist NUB
Goal AIM
Got ready, with ‘up’ GEARED
Humidor item CIGAR
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Label TAG
Lemon DUD
Long steps STRIDES
Mag. staff EDS
Makes lace TATS
Male geese GANDERS
Marble cake patterns SWIRLS
Marble type AGATE
Member of a blended family STEPDAD
Mets and Cards, e.g NLERS
Nail polish ENAMEL
Odor detectors NOSES
Of a blood line AORTAL
Office part-timers TEMPS
Prop for Dr. House CANE
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Rap style GANGSTA
Related on mom’s side ENATE
Rock’s Ocasek RIC
Rumpled, as a bed UNMADE
Sacred river GANGES
Simple MERE
Sinclair Lewis’ ‘Elmer ‘ GANTRY
Spanish cheers OLES
SSW opposite NNE
Substance in red wine TANNIN
Target at a fiesta PINATA
The Silver State NEVADA
Tolerate ENDURE
TV spots ADS
Wise ones SAGES