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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ She Sweet’ AINT
‘Gunsmoke’ star ARNESS
‘Mayday!’ SOS
‘Shoo!’ SCAT
601, to Nero DCI
Actor Danson TED
Algerian port ORAN
Allen or Daly TIM
Author Harper LEE
avis RARA
Bad hairpiece RUG
Bill’s partner COO
Bloke GENT
By way of VIA
Caustic cleaner LYE
Chili con CARNE
Cleopatra’s river NILE
Colonial seamstress ROSS
Cook in the oven ROAST
Em halves ENS
Felon’s flight LAM
Finale END
Fireplace tools POKERS
Folk singer Joan BAEZ
Football filler AIR
Garr of ‘Tootsie’ TERI
Getting 100 on ACING
Graceful antelope GAZELLE
Half of bi- UNI
Hostel INN
Israeli airline ELAL
Longing YEN
Lose color FADE
Love god EROS
Mafia boss CAPO
March Madness gp NCAA
Operatic solo ARIA
Out limb ONA
Packed away ATE
Pants part LEG
Parking places GARAGES
PC programs APPS
Petri dish gel AGAR
Play-ending arcade message GAMEOVER
Poker payments ANTES
Polite address SIR
Power co. supply ELEC
Prepare to travel PACK
Preschooler TOT
Projecting rim FLANGE
Pygmalion’s statue GALATEA
Rapscallions IMPS
Scepter ROD
Sealing rings GASKETS
Stupor DAZE
Tale teller LIAR
Thin cut SLIT
Type of dancer GOGO
Uno + uno DOS
Use a phone CALL
USO audience GIS
Velocity SPEED
Vintage video game PONG
Works with dough KNEADS