Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Live !’ ITUP
401(k) relatives IRAS
Actress Cruz PENELOPE
Actress Ward SELA
Alcoves NICHES
Algerian port ORAN
Alias abbr AKA
Allowed LICIT
April forecast RAIN
Atlas page MAP
Audition that anyone can attend OPENCALL
Bar mixer TONIC
Baseball’s Hershiser OREL
Bit of butter PAT
Bygone jets SSTS
Carve, as a statue SCULPT
Chatter YAP
Comic Jay LENO
Comic Philips EMO
Conspiracy PLOT
de plume NOM
Dine SUP
Dressy shoe WINGTIP
Energetic PEPPY
Euphoric ELATED
Fan’s cry RAH
Formerly, once ERST
Furniture brand IKEA
Green prefix ECO
Group of whales POD
Groups of eight OCTETS
Guy’s date GAL
Hair goops GELS
Hatchling’s home NEST
Historic periods ERAS
Hose woe SNAG
Hosp. areas ERS
Knock RAP
Kvetches NAGS
Lemon DUD
Libretto TEXT
Light (Lat.) LUX
Lighten EASE
Like seawater SALTY
Mexican wraps SERAPES
Muse of heroic poetry CALLIOPE
Nervous laughs GIGGLES
Online address URL
Orange veggies YAMS
Part of TNT TRI
Pooch DOG
Rebel Turner NAT
Regular at The Met OPERAFAN
Settled the bill PAID
Soaks (up) SOPS
Standard PAR
Sticky stuff GOO
Sylvester, for one CAT
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Top of the head PATE
Troubles WOES
Tube top CAP
UFO fliers ETS
Uno + uno DOS

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