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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘ -Tiki’ KON
‘ di Lammermoor’ LUCIA
‘King James’ of the NBA LEBRON
‘Mangia!’ EAT
‘No Exit’ writer SARTRE
Altar affirmative IDO
Arrest NAB
Bedazzle AWE
Blackbird ANI
Bond rating AAA
Bridal path AISLE
Brooch PIN
Buckeyes’ sch OSU
Bull’s sound SNORT
Cavalry sword SABER
Chowed down ATE
Church seat PEW
Coal scuttles HODS
Commotion ADO
Couturier Christian DIOR
Crystal gazer SEER
CSA soldier REB
Cut in half BISECT
D.C. figure POL
Daring Knievel EVEL
Egg (Pref.) OVO
Energy ZIP
Episodic TV show SERIES
Exited WENT
Farm female EWE
Gorilla APE
Groceries holders PAPERBAGS
Hack’s novel POTBOILER
Historic Boston area BACKBAY
Hit the runway LAND
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Joke GAG
Just out NEW
Ken or Barbie DOLL
Label TAG
Lhasa native TIBETAN
Monumental EPIC
Navy commando SEAL
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Petrol GAS
Photo assignments SHOOTS
Pick up the tab TREAT
Pot brew TEA
Remains STAYS
Right angle ELL
Sangria vessel, often PUNCHBOWL
Single LONE
Society newcomer DEB
Spills the beans BLABS
Takes as one’s own ADOPTS
Ticket remnants STUBS
Use a taser ZAP
White arctic mammal POLARBEAR
Work with USE
Young fellow LAD
Zhivago’s love LARA