Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 25 2018

Clues Answers
&&&& ANDS
‘ had it!’ IVE
‘A mouse!’ EEK
‘NFL Live’ channel ESPN
‘Once a time …’ UPON
‘Psst!’ HEY
‘Reckon so’ IGUESS
‘Rocks’ ICE
6 on a phone MNO
Act conspicuously SHOWBOAT
Active person DOER
Assume, as a burden SHOULDER
AWOL pursuers MPS
Bacon pieces STRIPS
Big lizard IGUANA
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Blackbirds ANIS
Caustic solution LYE
Coloring agent DYE
Crucial KEY
Dazzle WOW
Debtors’ notes IOUS
Do sums ADD
Dos preceder UNO
Dresses in DONS
Eggs OVA
Emphasized STRESSED
Footwear storage unit SHOETREE
Hawaiian island MAUI
Hunger symptom PANG
Jazzy style BOP
Jules Verne captain NEMO
Kind of roast RUMP
Less outgoing SHIER
Low digits TOES
Luminary STAR
Male singing voice BARITONE
Mayberry moppet OPIE
Muscat’s land OMAN
Nantes notion IDEE
Novelist Rice ANNE
Outlying area SUBURB
Pasta shape BOWTIE
Pen tip NIB
Predicament BIND
Prolific inventor EDISON
Proscribes BANS
Protuberance NODE
Sailor’s assent AYE
Satisfied sigh AAH
Scottish lake LOCH
Skeleton components BONES
Stare stupidly GAWK
Started LED
Stirred WOKE
Throw TOSS
Trig function SINE
Whirlpool EDDY
Workers’ jargon SHOPTALK
Writer Ephron NORA

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