Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
‘Exodus’ hero ARI
‘I, Robot’ author ASIMOV
950, in old Rome CML
Accomplish DO
Actor Connery SEAN
As well TOO
Better than average ABOVEPAR
Bistro handout MENU
Bloodline sharers SIBS
Burns and Olin KENS
Can material TIN
Capri, e.g ISLE
Corp. boss CEO
Cougar PUMA
Cry of dismay OY
Dealer’s foe NARC
Deli meat SALAMI
Director Preminger OTTO
Dog biscuit shape BONE
Drives too fast SPEEDS
Egos’ counterparts IDS
Egyptian deity OSIRIS
El , Texas PASO
Equal (Pref.) ISO
Fix the soundtrack DUB
Follower (Suff.) IST
Gershwin’s ‘The Love’ MANI
Happy hour venue BAR
Here, to Henri ICI
Idiosyncrasy FOIBLE
It can be boring DRILLBIT
Item on stage PROP
Jigsaw puzzle parts PIECES
Jocular Johnson ARTE
King of the jungle LION
Lay down the lawn SOD
Learning ctr SCH
Lopsided win ROUT
Molecule part ATOM
Moreover AND
Moth variety LUNA
Mount Rushmore’s st SDAK
Needle hole EYE
Ointment amounts DABS
Ostrich feathers PLUMES
Peevish fit SNIT
Playpen pile TOYS
Quilters’ get-together BEE
Raw minerals ORES
Russian river URAL
Sacred songs PSALMS
Small batteries AAS
Small movie roles BITPARTS
Sound booster AMP
Splendor POMP
Squealer RAT
Swiss canton URI
Thames town ETON
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Turned to bone OSSIFIED
uncertain terms INNO
Upper limit MAX
With resentment BITTERLY

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