Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 28 2018

Clues Answers
‘ begins at home’ CHARITY
‘ bleu!’ SACRE
‘Guinness Book’ suffix EST
‘Peer Gynt Suite’ composer GRIEG
‘Rumor has it …’ IHEAR
‘Tasty!’ MMM
‘The Silence of the Lambs’ role LECTER
‘Yippee!’ WAHOO
Bedouins ARABS
Being, to Brutus ESSE
Ben-Hur’s vehicle CHARIOT
Big shot HONCHO
Bio stat AGE
Blinding light GLARE
Boxer’s dream TITLE
Chaplin or Sheen CHARLIE
Chaps MEN
Conceit EGO
Crop up ARISE
Dawn goddess EOS
Deep blue INDIGO
Enchanted CHARMED
Enjoyed LIKED
Ersatz swing TIRE
Filch ROB
Fluffy scarf BOA
Ga. neighbor FLA
Governed RULED
Hosp. area ICU
Hosp. scan MRI
Italian ‘three’ TRE
London insurer LLOYDS
Luggage carrier PORTER
Modern money EURO
Moines DES
Moral principle ETHIC
Naval letters USS
Pac. counterpart ATL
Pat down FRISK
Played a part ACTED
Poem of praise ODE
Potpourri output SCENT
Purse part STRAP
PX patrons GIS
Roadside trash LITTER
Roe provider SHAD
Ruling periods REIGNS
School orgs PTAS
Science room LAB
Scoundrel CAD
Sinbad’s bird ROC
Smacks a baseball SWATS
Soprano Scotto RENATA
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Stagger REEL
Swiss river AARE
Treaties PACTS
Turkish title AGHA
Unfettered LOOSE
Vegas opener LAS
Well-versed folks? POETS
Witch HAG
Wooden pin PEG
Zodiac feline LEO

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