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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
‘American ‘ IDOL
‘As I see it,’ to a texter IMO
‘Mayday!’ SOS
‘See ya!’ BYE
500 sheets REAM
Back talk LIP
Being, to Brutus ESSE
Biblical pronoun THEE
Bit of butter PAT
Brady and Hanks TOMS
Bygone days PAST
Candle count AGE
Chairman of China MAO
Con job SCAM
Corp execs VPS
Crunchy party snacks CORNCHIPS
Dance move STEP
Deleted, with ‘out’ XED
Docile TAME
Drill BORE
Drunkard SOT
Duel tool EPEE
Earl Grey, for one TEA
Easy targets SAPS
Existed WAS
Exploits USES
Farmer, at times HOER
Flower parts rich in Vitamin C ROSEHIPS
Frighten SPOOK
Garden dwarf GNOME
Go angling FISH
Goblet feature STEM
Golden rule word UNTO
Grass shack HUT
Icon lineup TOOLBAR
Kin of ‘Presto!’ VOILA
King of the jungle LION
Lancelot SIR
Letter sealer WAX
Odometer start OOO
One-named supermodel IMAN
Overcaffeinated WIRED
Overly TOO
Overly aggressive PUSHY
Pen name BIC
Perch SIT
Popular cookie OREO
Pot-bellied pet PIG
Price COST
Ravi’s instrument SITAR
Raw fish dish SASHIMI
Rock’s Brian ENO
Satchel BAG
Sea predator ORCA
Service charge FEE
Spill the beans BLAB
Squid squirt INK
Theater box LOGE
To boot ALSO
Unctuous OILY
USO patrons GIS
Vatican VIP POPE
Vessels with high masts TALLSHIPS
Wedding words IDO
World Cup cheer OLE