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Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Eugene Sheffer King Feature Syndicate.

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Clues Answers
“Exodus” hero ARI
“Not impressed …” MEH
“Walk Like __” AMAN
“Wild Blue Yonder” mil. group USAF
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Army officers COLONELS
Be sick AIL
Bequest LEGACY
Billy __ Williams DEE
Body powder TALC
Caboose REAR
Cartoon frames CELS
Castle defense MOAT
CBer’s device RADIO
CIA forerunner OSS
Coal miner COLLIER
Corp. boss CEO
Desert flora CACTI
Diplomat’s res EMB
Done with OVER
Egg __ yung FOO
Famed cruise line CUNARD
Garrisons FORTS
Govt. health org CDC
Green prefix ECO
Historic periods ERAS
In that case IFSO
ISP giant AOL
Largest Greek isle CRETE
Last (Abbr.) ULT
Least friendly COLDEST
Like some vaccines ORAL
Manitoba tribe CREE
Marseilles monarch ROI
Misfortunes ILLS
Monastery ABBEY
Observe SEE
Oil cartel OPEC
Old Olds REO
Old salts TARS
Online crafts site ETSY
Painter Salvador DALI
Pair DUO
Part of a French play ACTE
PC picture ICON
Pedro’s pal AMIGO
Quebec or Ontario (Abbr.) PROV
Rapper Kid __ CUDI
RCA innovation COLORTV
Secondhand USED
Singer Franklin ERMA
Soccer legend PELE
Soda POP
Standard PAR
Stephen of Comedy Central COLBERT
Straining vessel COLANDER
Sturgeon product ROE
Sushi choice EEL
Tax prep pro CPA
Till bills TENS
Train unit CAR
Upper limit CAP
Vacation venue RESORT
Your THY
__ Beach, Fla VERO