Evening Standard Cryptic – 1 Mar 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – 1 Mar 2018 

Clues Answers
A supporter, this bird? STILT
Above which to be high and dry SEA LEVEL
At least one car’s silent! MINIMUM
Back behind the right ear REAR
Become friendly with a beginner in the police MELT
Bury in Milan? INTER
Causing superficial disruption in the land HOEING
Communication of copied facts FAX
Dance with uncle, a bachelor SAMBA
Dear addresses SIRS
Debauched type going north from Rouen ROUE
Disdainful look that puts me out for half an hour MOUE
Feel free to run away FLEE
Given a start in life, French fashion NEE
He can sort the mail LIAM
Imagines the doctor has the same disorder DREAMS
In a way, weapons come in large numbers SWARMS
In activity, almost a bustling port? ISTANBUL
It’s nothing for me to allow for food OMELET
Left to dry out in the den LAIR
Like a boat on the canal NARROW
Nice place that means nothing to a little sister OASIS
Nothing but a new town NOWT
One direction to drive from Lima, for instance LEG
One gas, or maybe none NEON
Perform either part of a duet in prison SING
Rest in position SIT
Saint’s half-hearted prohibition ALBAN
See the animal gets an apple! COX
Six-footer from Grantham ANT
Some space centre at New York ANY
Splendid for Greta, possibly GREAT
The European mainland (unlike Britain) is chaste CONTINENT
The field of Gray’s Elegy LEA
The man from the academy OSCAR
The weather according to Miss Thompson RAIN
The women in the vestry EVES
They double the decimal fractions FIFTHS
To point the way can be a dangerous thing ARROW
To sum up, less than a morsel to eat MUSSEL
Train wreck on the first of the month, in Ireland ANTRIM
What work and play can be VERBS
Where, for dancing, a girl gets gold FLOOR
You won’t like anybody getting yours! GOAT

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