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Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 12 2018

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Clues Answers
A bit of a fidget, you understand GET
A German team coach, possibly? MANAGER
A sign of diminished dash? MINUS
Animal of wax? SEAL
As an operatic part, a villain RAT
Chap an angler wouldn’t be without ROD
Enumerates 51 streets? LISTS
Familiar name for a sheep (male) BERTRAM
For Alan to break out of a terrible rut is reasonable NATURAL
He only has two wheels BIKER
He’s more than a master MAN
Historically a family of maltreated mice – about 501 MEDICI
If good-heated would be regal, it’s true REAL
In favour, not only with father POPULAR
Is such music a bit contrapuntal? RAP
Is the Royal Astronomical Society such a body? ASTRAL
It’s smart to join Charlie at the bar CLEVER
It’s worth a lot in management GEM
King of a wild horde HEROD
Look after your ticker WATCH
Manage to keep cool about some intractable letters CONTROL
Menahem has a little cough AHEM
Neither gets the number right NOR
One may be within call, as in the garden LILAC
One’s leisure is in the balance REST
Patsy’s upset, looking pallid PASTY
Possibly cools engines LOCOS
Puzzle concerning passenger transport REBUS
Quoted wrongly from the dictionary! CITED
Said to be not exactly local VOCAL
She will shortly give out the money SHELL
Studious group of assorted marines SEMINAR
That chap with Harris? LEWIS
The firm is old, surprisingly SOLID
The grass one is of marginal interest VERGE
The modernised jug at Preston’s North End NEWER
Trifled with a game fellow? TOYED
Typical American poet? HOMER
Unwise to take a girl in for something to eat RADISH
Vehicle in a crack-up CAR
Virginia, wildly embraced by Edgar, is devastated! RAVAGED
Went back to bed RETIRED
What cool-headed, possibly aged beggars do CADGE
Yarmouth can be said to be such a resort GREAT