Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 13 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 13 2018 

Clues Answers
A somewhat shocking drink? JAR
All night refreshment ? SLEEP
Always ate out when it was hot FEVERED
Annoyed when infested with rodents? RATTY
Believes one is in touch? FEELS
Bit of jargon used on the third of October ARGOT
Bright boy RAY
Buildings requiring a hundred new slates CASTLES
Couldn’t you listen to him for a fiver? TENOR
Derby, perhaps? HAT
Fish eater digesting plaice at mid-morning PELICAN
Follow the transcript of the trial TRAIL
Gardener’s means of dislodging a worm out of the earth? MOWER
He has some more in his own room, the devil! DEMON
Horse with a saintly head STEED
Hundreds of scent manufacturers CENTS
In being on loan, half the team have a moan LAMENT
Instrument used in early recordings LYRE
Leander had her love HERO
Measure just about half of it METRE
More than a cuppa! PINTA
Notably lacking sharpness or flatness NATURAL
Old Bill’s traditional name, formally ROBERT
Only embraces gym work, frankly OPENLY
Run out and look around for a tin opener PETER
She turns up in Northallerton ELLA
Shout very audibly at Tony? BLARE
Show dissatisfaction with a bad poem MOPE
Smoky city? HAVANA
Softer than velvet? That’s rich! PLUSH
Supplied from the safe deposit FED
That homely forename JAMES
The less bright learner is in worse disarray SLOWER
They afflict people much more than ague PLAGUES
They’re apt to have their variations THEMES
To end the fight for a cause in criminal! TREASON
To live with a goddess will only be bewildering! BEMUSE
Too much juice will melt them FUSES
Toothy girl? PEGGY
Undertake to get into gear? ENGAGE
Units deployed in N. Africa TUNIS

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