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Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 14 2018

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Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 14 2018 

Clues Answers
A bird and a male one, furthermore COCKATOO
A growing boy in a car CEDAR
A line of questionable length STRING
A loser anyone can back DUD
A sort of joke, possibly up north PUN
A thief in the house BURGLAR
Also to be found in an Asian country LAOS
An airborne carrier PIGEON
Be given thanks by letter BETA
Close to the northeast central part NEAR
Club motorist? DRIVER
Defy gravity craftily? HOVER
Figure as a noted Loch ELEVEN
Friend giving father money PAL
Get over being angry CROSS
He comes in from another place MAN
Holy or not, they tend to be obeyed ORDERS
In Athens at the time in question THEN
In ballet, a name for a half pace DANCE
In the kitchen, it has its upside downs EGGTIMER
Irritability is good for your digestion! BILE
It can be faced with a tricky sum, I see MUSIC
It never really got airborne ROC
It’s in an arable area LEA
Old soldier’s singular dance LANCER
One sat on by Charlie with a cry of pain? COUCH
Possibly heard to be rushed HARED
Possibly warm end of September EMBER
Tempts one to break the rules LURES
The time to sing about a trouble-free April SPRING
The would-be expert punned the thing spoken of PUNDIT
Though arguably unyielding, might one go in a bit? BIGOT
Time for a drink TEA
Uncle’s legendary twin? REMUS
Very Scottish UNCO
Viola from Carshalton ALTO
Was he too villainous to put a cigarette out? FAGIN
Watch – he’s after something! HUNTER
What you might call rock salmon HUSS
When squashed, a goner? ORANGE
You won’t find her in Memphis, Tennessee! HIS
Young performer shaking rattles STARLET