Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 15 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 15 2018



A county you known has a treatment centre KENT
By putting a piano key right PER
Compared to prison, it’s splendid! FINE
Count on Steffi! GRAF
Do they hold the prison service together? SCREWS
Earl made king LEAR
Fresh air enthusiast? FAN
Funny sort of fence? HAHA
Get paid for learning to go without fish EARN
Her hero William is in the Salvation Army STELLA
He’s capable of being snide DENIS
Hurt as much as possible in unpleasant style PAINFULLY
If Fred’s upset, is not at all agreeable! DIFFERS
It was at the end of the Wembley Road THE FA CUP
It’s handy for eating at the golf club SPOON
Its tea can run out! URN
I’ve left the beach to James BOND
Lavish affection DOTE
Maybe write about one letter in three months! WINTER
Obtain inner satisfaction EAT
Old-fashioned Oriental curtain material BAMBOO
One’s own little drug-store STASH
Passage to a place like Capri? AISLE
People get Bertie no end upset! TRIBE
Periods of greater aspiration ERAS
Possibly see about a facility EASE
Preserve with courage BOTTLE
Pumping centre HEART
Running amok with it, involves risk KRIS
She makes a change from Elise ELSIE
She’s not merely good, but superior ABBESS
Shoot in the belly? POT
Speak for the nation? STATE
Started with a bang, perhaps, out East BEGAN
Tease an urchin for not having a muffin RAG
The days of some wild desire IDES
The road skirting Wallasey WAY
The speed extraterrestrials have RATE
Those carried by legal or other documents? RIDERS
To the Romans, a sea horse? MARE
Vessels used by ignition specialists? LIGHTERS
We finish last (because of the cats and dogs?) WET
Where to get wrong notes on key OSTEND
Women make me sad DAMES

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