Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 16 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 16 2018 

Clues Answers
“Deadlock” is hackneyed, pal STALEMATE
“Old Fruit” competed in the race, in short CURRANT
A communication from the spirit world? DEADLETTER
A complete change of opinion regarding the variety act ABOUT TURN
A great big lady with a great big flower! AMAZON
A state of somnolence LAND OF NOD
Am first making changes to the final chapter ENDING
An official reception means work FUNCTION
Beat in the counter-revolution TROUNCE
Did turn the vehicle round SWINDLED
Disturbed that it’s not yet paid UNSETTLED
Does it moan when the gardener pulls it up? BINDWEED
Everything second-hand? That’s quite customary NOTHING NEW
Fairly? I should say so GATHER
Fighting to get something done ACTION
Fill the ward CHARGE
Free trip going to the East RID
Frightened to open, was induced to STARTLED
Goes down to see some items in the kitchen department SINKS
Goes up in the air when one discloses unexpectedly SPRINGS
Got up in pink ROSE
I took a tea-break at work as a palliative OPIATE
Ill at ease, throw a fit when forced to enter SHIFTY
In consequence, there’s very little time MOMENT
In the case of the lady, an unexpected death SHEATHED
Leaves some hair STRANDS
Left one with nothing to read ERASED
Mark brought us in to give support SUSTAIN
Proposed to the future wife INTENDED
Question this woman we brought round HER
Set the bird free to irritate her BRIDGET
Shut up! The fellow has a gun FASTEN
Shy, slip off CAST
Sleeve you put your arm into HOLSTER
So much longer! THEREFORE
Spend a lot of time on sea trips PASSAGES
Stop and bow STEM
The animal has a lair inside? Nonsense! RODENT
The female got aboard with the flier HERON
The gang will hold their arranged meeting GATHERING
The patrolling cops detained everybody at the fishmonger’s SCALLOP
Variety music STRAIN
Was captioned, one argued HADWORDS
What might be a warning device for the plant HAWTHORN
Would, you say, talk, though no parrot WOODCHAT
You stand outside the hotel THEE

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