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Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 5 2018

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Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 5 2018 

Clues Answers
A little drink to finish a meal, and that’s the lot TOTAL
Bob upset a lady at the Nag’s Head DYLAN
Closer to getting a round of applause at the end of the pier HANDIER
Cut, perhaps, in a rage? STYLE
Did Elgar Allan have a shot at it? POETRY
Expert at throwing and catching JUGGLER
Flynn, seen in another role ERROL
Girl of limited capacity GAL
Hairy thing to eat? BUN
Has he as masterly way? MAN
He again is in attendance HERE
His hair-style suits the girls PAGEBOY
His skill is nominal ART
In crime, he has his own way of operating SIMON
In extremes of tragedy, she’s sick at heart TILLY
In Japan, it’s possible to pop in at mid-morning NIPPON
Invariably, Sarah goes out in a group SEVERAL
Its connection with ’14 Down’ seems apt RIG
Joe joins some guests in an old-time dance GIGUE
Land in hospital, you know ITALY
Manage to melt RUN
Mass production of lager LARGE
Nervous about the hazards in steeplechasing? JUMPY
Obvious to many a listener CLEAR
Offer to continue as long as possible? HOLDOUT
One bent on getting somewhere in the garden? BOWER
One of the overheads for a gangster HOOD
Penetrative pictures XRAYS
Possibly leapt into the fold PLEAT
Pretty pessimistic persons, characteristically? TYPES
She upsets Les and Ian SELINA
She’s of some help to a space visitant ETHEL
Strong feeling of tiredness IRE
Sweet, affectionate little creature FONDANT
The Bees have 22 of them on the field KNEES
The imaginable part may be Continental BELGIAN
The measurer met with ultimate disaster METER
The oaf takes plenty out of turn LOUT
There could be a trio THREE
They’re drawn with authority by Poles PLANS
Used in frying, it may be dripping OIL
Was this weight a ton? HUNDRED
Weaken the standard FLAG
Where there’s no longer a gnarled tree EXETER