Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 6 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 6 2018 

Clues Answers
A game for green players BOWLS
Aid someone in a hole? HELPOUT
An upright supporter MAST
Animal related to the skunk? COYOTE
Chap with a long time to run MANAGE
Come forward with an increment STEP UP
Creep around with Suzette! CREPE
Damages a Frenchman’s teeth DENTS
Entertains sumptuously in royal ways REGALES
Gathers what may be speed around endlessly REAPS
Go and mend REPAIR
Happily starting tomorrow in a new play APTLY
He’ll have a shot at helping your love life EROS
Hide a lot too much COVER
It goes round in loops SPOOL
Just the chap to make hay TED
Kid a fellow a hundred per cent TOTAL
Killed by some wild islanders SLAIN
One man’s name for a kind of grass TIMOTHY
One taking a short cut across the lawn? MOWER
One’s fortune, at present, is made in the city LUCK NOW
Only lose by blundering SOLE
Passed or dished up SERVED
Perhaps a stylish jumper in the event of winter sport SKIER
Polish up an image at the point of no return RUBICON
Recommence showing some children points RENEW
Relaxing breaks for supporters RESTS
Reveal to a learner at school LETON
School in Princeton? ETON
She may be an asset TESSA
She’ll finish up in outer Wembley WENDY
Shots with which to start scoring at the Oval, maybe SALVO
Sort of knife a friend’s allowed to have PALLET
Swimmer in the Elbe EEL
Tattered old togs that are missing, pet LOST DOG
The mien of one who as an excellent right AIR
Those counted, on the quiet, when you want a bit of sleep SHEEP
Titled bachelor boy BARON
To shop around for pictures PHOTOS
Tub-thumper’s line in business TIRADE
What a farmer might do to hearten the cassowary? SOW

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