Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 7 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
A team to beat Villa? PALACE
A ten toy combination in future prospect NOT YET
Be inclined to be slim LEAN
Beasts getting one upset about a kiss OXEN
Being a slipper, it has no wheels! SLED
Blot on the character of a chap getting out of line STAIN
Change ends, sportingly? RUN
Charge extra for the sculptured mount RUSHMORE
Choice of verbose lecturers SELECT
Concise quotation from a better selection TERSE
Cut south all the time SEVER
Gets one’s engine singing the right notes TUNES
He has to live at central Greenwich BEN
He makes things hot for people BAKER
In it, there are always some cowards WAR
In which, the ballerina repeats a half turn TUTU
Join in a joint success! TIE
Just the gallery for sugary art? TATE
Like a loyalist starting to travel on from Rouen TRUE
Little less than two weeks WEE
New post bringing much money POTS
Not being silks, they may be saints SATINS
Part of a book of verses? CHAPTER
Poetry a lover seeks to take in VERSE
Possibly deems me and Mr Lynam to be old people MEDES
Potato mashed for most parties PRATIE
Priest, possibly, a small dainty person SPRITE
Produced out of love, but full of holes? BORED
Round bird? ROBIN
Ruby, it seems, softens when warmed up WAX
Succession of command ORDER
Teach, in a way, to start ructions INSTRUCT
The lads may be shy about getting out YOUTHS
The old girls are now crazy about me WOMEN
They’re of marginal significance around the country BORDERS
Though jesting, he is in fact wild JOKER
Try out, for purpose, what’s fashionable TRENDY
Unconscious products of the imagination DREAMS
Whether hard or soft, they’re fishy ROES
Youngster apt to bite? NIPPER

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