Evening Standard Cryptic – Mar 9 2018

Evening Standard Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 9 2018 

Clues Answers
“Good gracious, dad,” I broke in. “It’s nearly lunchtime” MIDDAY
A pink liquid bought at the pharmacy? ROSEWATER
A time back, too NOON
After a day and a quarter, some leave DEPART
After shuts, have a frightening experience CLOSESHAVE
Allows one is pained by SUFFERS
Ascertains, when one removes the wrapper? DISCOVERS
Be better than, at schoolwork? OUTCLASS
Break in the game SNAP
By which the fortunate swimmer won the competition? STROKE OF LUCK
Delivering a rebuke, but going no further PULLINGUP
Eggs, perhaps, that don’t stay intact long BREAKFAST
Excellent at deciphering codes CRACKING
Freed again, went off and had a meal FED
From the waves in the front of the ship, getting sick BILLOWS
Get to embrace again when you receive and welcome GREET
Giving nothing away about the failure to lock up? NONCOMMITTAL
Having gone without one to open up and take a look GLANCE
Having the right to open up, as a self-employed person FREELANCE
He maintains he’s used to handling animals KEEPER
Hello! This is a fine state of affairs! HOW DO YOU DO
How one looks through the cookery book to find drinks? FLIPS
I had a setback at work, but they’re calming OPIATES
I’m grateful that Henry’s on time THANKS
In trouble from scratch SCRAPE
It shows a lack of character, in a word APOSTROPHE
It’s my belief there are people in the building TENEMENT
Manage now to tend to ADMINISTER
Mix with people of the criminal kind CONSORT
Mother brought back crackers MAD
Paid one back for the article ITEM
Pose as a sportsman STANCE
Put it down to some characteristic you possess ATTRIBUTE
Says the fellow is a politician STATESMAN
Seemed to have been published APPEARED
Study and try hard when they force one to CONSTRAIN
The boat train! WAKE
The girl from downstairs with the bad knee? HOUSEMAID
The illegal substance, catch one putting into tins CANNABIS
The ship previously built is coming in for repairs SOLDERS
The unlikely event of its being sour? OFFCHANCE
There’s inflammation and it’s a bit blue WHITLOW
Think the notice about it seemed funny AMUSED
We set out at the outset to be most charming SWEETEST

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