Family Time – Apr 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Beware the ___ of March” IDES
“Can I have a cookie?” reply YES
112-112, in hoops TIE
5-Down rise and fall TIDE
Angler’s bait LURE
Article that starts many stories THE
Baker’s necessity OVEN
Barely get by (with “out”) EKE
Be an active vagabond ROVE
Beach maker OCEAN
Betrayal-of-country crime TREASON
Bird with a massive bill PELICAN
Building built of snow FORT
Certain opaque gem OPAL
Chap’s chip? CRISP
Clump of dirt and grass CLOD
Common Atlantic fish COD
Cut onions into chunks CHOP
Easy number to count to TEN
Egg-producing organ OVARY
Eye, heart or a thing in a church ORGAN
False? No, turn it around TRUE
Fancy way to say “No guarantees” (2 words) CAVEATEMPTOR
Fish eggs or deer type ROE
Give the OK to CONDONE
Good thing to call Dad SIR
How long they rocked, ’50s-style (3 words) ROUNDTHECLOCK
It can make a “swish” sound NET
Joke, to an old-school jokester LEGPULL
Last word in prayer AMEN
Make boo-boos in judgment ERR
Number for any single person ONE
Old prairie housing unit TEPEE
Optimist’s attribute HOPE
Part of a mountain TOP
Pigeon’s soft murmur COO
Place a wager BET
Place for cold cuts? DELICATESSEN
Praiseful poem form ODE
Privacy place SANCTUM
Realize beforehand, way old FORESEE
Rock in store? ORE
Round regal symbol ORB
Say “I didn’t do it” DENY
Shape of a misdrawn circle OVAL
Shrek or his wife OGRE
Sleep lasting for weeks COMA
Small inlet on the water COVE
Smell awful REEK
Soup plant related to an onion LEEK
Supply to excess CLOY
Switch position? OFF
Syrupy stuff from a tree SAP
Thin hat that droops BERET
Thing that might crawl on your neck BUG
Thing to bust when laughing like crazy GUT
Thing to mix with lemonade ICE
Tremendous find for a miner LODE
Try to get someone to do something URGE
Under turned upside down? OVER
Word added to “test” to make it a competition CON
Word said a lot on Valentine’s Day LOVE

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