Family Time – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Beauty and the Beast” character BELLE
“Get out!” to Michael Jackson? (2 words) BEATIT
“Hi” relative HEY
“It’s ___ warm for multiple layers today” TOO
“Jaws” town AMITY
“Oh, that’s some pain right there!” OUCH
“Three,” in a Rocky film title III
“Who ___ likes mustard on their Brussels sprouts?” ELSE
“___ you going to eat the rest of that asparagus?” ARE
A miscellaneous mixture OLIO
A U.S. crime-fighting org FBI
Above OVER
Acquire GET
Any country supporting our country ALLY
Art stands EASELS
As far away from good as you can get EVIL
Boric or amino ACID
Buddy PAL
Building for a leaf blower SHED
Certain Arab country IRAQ
Chem class setting LAB
City in Italy ROME
Coating inside a chimney SOOT
Crazy ___ (game) EIGHTS
Creepy EERIE
Did a fall chore RAKED
Direction of the sunrise EAST
Do sum basic math ADD
Dude BRO
Feel yucky AIL
Fish between two pieces of bread TUNA
Fix a loose shoelace RETIE
Hair-y highlights STREAKS
Ice cream holder CONE
Important period of history ERA
In ___ of (instead of) LIEU
Indication of another name AKA
Island by another name ISLE
Like a tire that needs help FLAT
Like a wee anything MINI
Like perfect trades (3 words) FAIRANDSQUARE
Marvel Comics superhero with a hammer THOR
Mortal enemy NEMESIS
Not having to work today OFF
Ocean relative SEA
Pecan or cherry dessert PIE
Place for acting work STAGE
Places lions lie DENS
Polio vaccine developer SALK
Remains from a fire ASH
Send out, as energy EMIT
Shady tree type ELM
Six-legged creature ANT
Spacecraft from who knows where UFOS
Stadium section TIER
Stick with a toothpick STAB
Strikes knuckles against wood RAPS
Super late-night flight REDEYE
Thick piece of marble SLAB
Thing that can get a dirty ring TUB
Two words after “get,” “step” or “depend” ONIT
Very small amount IOTA
Was just about to be the first to cross the finish line LED
Wooden hat-holder PEG
Young boys TADS
___-fi (film type) SCI

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