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Family Time – Apr 15 2018

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Clues Answers
“Rigoletto” solo ARIA
“Who ___ you?” ARE
50 to 100? HALF
Adult boy MAN
Any high European mountain ALP
Atlantic City game KENO
Be nuts about ADORE
Chance at an easy target POTSHOT
Chick’s sound PEEP
Choose one over the other PREFER
Company’s PC linkup LAN
Country south of the U.S CUBA
Danish coin KRONE
Demeanor or manner MIEN
Eagle variety ERNE
Explorer called “the Red” ERIC
Extreme exhaustion FATIGUE
Gets darker on a beach TANS
Hit the horn BEEPED
Job for a music group GIG
Large brown beetle (2 words) JUNEBUG
Lend a hand AID
Lightbulb, in comics IDEA
Liquefy MELT
Neighborhood or vicinity AREA
Night sky vision UFO
Not hers HIS
Old sound system HIFI
Opposite of clarify BEFOG
Opposite of ham it up? UNDERACT
Part of a large envelope FLAP
Clues Answers
Part of the human eye UVEA
Pizza heater OVEN
Poetic planet ORB
Poker payment ANTE
Pool stick CUE
Protrude JUT
Scottish body of water LOCH
Sea creature with a long snout GAR
Shrimp fried ___ RICE
Snail-shaped ear part COCHLEA
Spot for some wild animals LAIR
State-of-the-art, briefly HITECH
Stick on a spit? IMPALE
Suffix with “song” or “slug” FEST
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Thick eyeglasses BIFOCALS
Thing to make when tying one’s shoes LOOP
Thing with a clapper BELL
Things on children’s menus (2 words) FISHSTICKS
Tree fluid SAP
Try to track SEEK
Try to win the affection of WOO
Tucked in for the night ABED
Tugboat’s horn sound TOOT
Type of detector LIE
Up to one’s ears in water AWASH
Winter ailment FLU
___-tac-toe TIC