Family Time – Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
“… in ___-horse open sleigh” (2 words) AONE
“… with liberty and justice for ___” ALL
“And there you have it!” TADA
“Diff’rent Strokes” actress Plato DANA
“Fast cash” site ATM
“Fire” gem OPAL
“Sweet” vegetables PEAS
“To repeat …” AGAIN
“Well, ___ be!” ILL
“What was ___ think?” (2 words) ITO
“What’s more …” ALSO
“Wheel of Fortune” option SPIN
5th or Madison, e.g AVE
A boxer makes one FIST
Abercrombie partner FITCH
Another Greek alphabet RHO
Awkward person LOUT
Become man and wife WED
Bit of a water whirl EDDY
Boater’s paddle OAR
Broke ground? HOED
Bullets and pellets AMMO
Car that shows up at proms LIMO
Classic introduction? NEO
Clean a floor spill (2 words) MOPUP
Common iced beverage TEA
Commotion, old-style ADO
Comprehend GET
Dutch cheese EDAM
Freed from mist DEFOGGED
Greek alphabet letter ETA
Hockey shot SLAP
Large field with animals LEA
Clues Answers
Leaning Tower city PISA
Legendary gold-laden land ELDORADO
Likelihood ratio ODDS
Maja painter GOYA
Match audio and video SYNC
Melted chocolate result GOO
Move like a bunny HOP
Narrative of heroic exploits SAGA
Old gold coin DUCAT
Opposite of eager AVERSE
Opposite of happy SAD
Opposite of women’s MENS
Piece of backing wood SLAT
Playthings TOYS
Ready alternative? NOT
Round hammerhead PEEN
Rumanian monetary unit LEU
Sleep acronym REM
Slip by, as time ELAPSE
Something for a president to take OATH
Stare rudely LEER
Summer thirst quencher LEMONADE
Tree variety ELM
Two of a kind PAIR
U.S. space organization NASA
Uncle’s mate AUNT
Untidy situation MESS
Very slender THIN
Wedding words (2 words) IDO
Weird spacecraft UFO
What history repeats? ITSELF
With a cast of thousands EPIC
Woodshop tool SAW
Young bald bird EAGLET

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