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Family Time – Apr 19 2020. – Puzzle Solutions

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Do not ___ go” PASS
“He who laughs last …” is one AXIOM
“Major” animal URSA
“Mush!” yeller’s vehicle SLED
“That hurts!” OUCH
“What ___ did he say?” link ELSE
4,047 square meters ACRE
A certain type of math answer AREA
Abnormal, rough breathing sound RALE
Aces, sometimes ONES
Allowable ACCEPTED
Always, to a sonneteer EER
Apple section CORE
Argentite, for one ORE
Banish from office OUST
Bellyaches or complains CARPS
Betelgeuse, notably STAR
Bourbon barrel CASK
Bug that can bug you GNAT
Contour SHAPE
Cushion PAD
Diamond, for one (2 words) PRECIOUSSTONE
Do simple computations ADD
Dramatize (with “out”) ACT
Fore and ___ AFT
Formalwear feature for a serious dude COATTAIL
Give someone a king and queen? DEAL
Have some squid EAT
Hindu religious instructor GURU
Huge depression CRATER
It goes with the present and future PAST
Killer in the sea ORCA
Kittenish sound PURR
Leaning Tower city PISA
Lift over slopes TBAR
Like a famous piper PIED
Like an embarrassed checker? RED
Like items on a list (2 words) TODO
Like many old books READ
Likely (to) APT
Marshy areas BOGS
Mine shaft drill TREPAN
Mythical man-goat SATYR
Not pro ANTI
Official avoiding punches REF
On-off connector AND
One of 16 on a board PAWN
One way to go LEFT
Period that’s studied ERA
Places for sweaters? SPAS
Sepals, collectively CALYX
Showstopper, opera-style ARIA
Signature provider PEN
Something to “push for” ICE
Song associated with the Alps YODEL
Stuff in a chimney SOOT
Teacher’s notation MARK
The content of cognition IDEA
Thin and bony GAUNT
To and ___ FRO
Took one’s turn WENT
Type of fingerprinting DNA
Villainous animated lion SCAR
Violate God’s commands SIN
Word with “you happy now?” ARE
Xerox COPY