Family Time – Apr 2 2018

Clues Answers
“… ___ I’m told” ORSO
“I got you good!” ZING
“You ___ kidding!” ARENT
“___ End” (movie screen words) THE
A Dutch cheese EDAM
Achieved maximum growth PEAKED
Affliction of the eyelid STYE
All dried up SERE
Allergic reaction ITCH
Alter the appearance of REDO
Am for more than one? ARE
Arabian Peninsula port ADEN
Bar bottles GINS
Be sore, as from a workout ACHE
Boxing legend Muhammad ALI
Chinchilla coat FUR
Disease caused by vitamin B deficiency BERIBERI
Don’t include OMIT
Exchange for money SELL
Famous clown BOZO
Fancy ardor ELAN
First showing PREMIERE
Floating freely ADRIFT
Former capital of Japan EDO
Gentleman SIR
Get by working EARN
How some pass time IDLY
Income’s opposite OUTGO
Japanese cartoon genre ANIME
Kuwaiti prince EMIR
Lamb’s sound BAA
Large African antelope ORYX
Lemon cover PEEL
Clues Answers
Letters of inflation PSI
Luau lunch POI
Luxurious place for a mud bath SPA
Moose relative ELK
Most domineering and overbearing BOSSIEST
Name tags, for short IDS
Not even one NONE
Old type of Russian ruler TSAR
Piece of information FACT
Pig of film BABE
Possessive pronoun ITS
Previously owned, as a vehicle USED
Put two and two together? ADD
Reacts to great applause BOWS
Repeated call to a dog HERE
Run ___ (go wild) AMOK
Sign of something about to happen OMEN
Soft baby food PAP
Stand in against a pitcher BAT
Started BEGUN
Strong cart without sides DRAY
Stuff in many drinks ICE
Suffix for “Hallow” EEN
Tailor-made line HEM
Take to the slopes SKI
Tissue additive ALOE
Top of the heap ACME
University in England OXFORD
What many mins. make HRS
What puns are WORDPLAY
Where cold cuts are cut DELI
Whichever is chosen ANY
Your dog, hamster or cat PET
___ system (measurement type) METRIC

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