Family Time – Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
“Don’t move, Poochie!” STAY
“I haven’t seen it ___” YET
“It ___ what you think!” ISNT
“Over there!” LOOK
America’s uncle SAM
American cat OCELOT
Anti vote NAY
Avoid work by pretending to be ill MALINGER
Barely defeat NIP
Be sick AIL
Castaway’s spot of land ISLE
Certain Ivy League student ELI
Clumsy figure of nursery rhymes OAF
Contribute ADD
Cuban coin PESO
Defeated BEAT
Dude relative? BRO
Extreme anger RAGE
Flattery (2 words) SOFTSOAP
Floor-cleaning device MOP
Follow commands OBEY
French sea MER
Frequently, to a poet OFT
Guarantee ASSURE
High card in the deck ACE
Horse sprinkled with white ROAN
Huge coffee holder URN
It’s reported daily NEWS
List of dishes MENU
Litter member PUP
Merit EARN
Moe, Curly or Larry STOOGE
Natural dye HENNA

Clues Answers
Newspaper essay page OPED
Not wearing clothing NAKED
Number of feet in a fathom SIX
Offshore ASEA
One-pot dinner STEW
Parentheses shapes ARCS
Period of frigid temperatures (2 words) COLDSNAP
Pipe problem LEAK
Prefix with “moron” OXY
Prefix with “sucker” SEER
Purchase BUY
Quite a distance off AFAR
Rattling sound from the chest RALE
Slip by, as time ELAPSE
Small, thin cut SLIT
Snakes that squeeze BOAS
Street or avenue ROAD
Sword feature EDGE
Three manger visitors MAGI
Title in Turkey AGA
Type of male deer HART
Type of pole on a slope SKI
Unadorned BARE
Use an aerosol can SPRAY
Vicinity AREA
Visualize SEE
Washroom door word MEN
Watch covertly SPY
Westminster, for one ABBEY
Word with “bug” or “googly” EYED
___ diem worker PER
___ mater ALMA
___ the line (complied) TOED

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