Family Time – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
“… with liberty and justice for ___” ALL
“And now, without further ___ …” ADO
“Of course!” YES
A curve in math PARABOLA
A food herb SAGE
Appear gradually (2 words) FADEIN
Athletic center GYM
Baby carrier? WOMB
Band’s sound booster AMP
Burning remains ASH
Cafe ___ (black coffee) NOIR
Camping blaze BONFIRE
Chair or sofa SEAT
Dugout sluggers BATS
Easter egg colorer DYE
Eight in Roman numerals VIII
Euro attachment? PEAN
Fencing sword EPEE
Foretokens OMENS
From Egypt ARAB
Glassmaker’s material SILICA
Grassy field LEA
Happenings DOINGS
Harbor boat TUG
Hottest period of summer (2 words) DOGDAYS
Impressive degree MBA
It means victory (2 words) VSIGN
Large cask TUN
Large deer WAPITI
Leave high and dry STRAND
Lighthouse land ISLE
Clues Answers
Like the sea and some hair WAVY
Needing a wash DIRTY
Nine-___ battery VOLT
Onetime Soviet leader STALIN
Opera villain PHANTOM
Part of a crossword CLUE
Pelvic bones ILIA
Piglet’s place STY
Planter box place (2 words) WINDOWSILL
Potent alcohol RUM
Progressions GROWTHS
Pulpit, of yore AMBO
Related AKIN
Sad and with regrets LAMENTABLE
Safecracker, in slang YEGG
Something for a gymnast BAR
Stuff for the poor ALMS
Stumble TRIP
Thing not for a vegetarian MEAT
Things priests wear ALBS
Third in order TERTIARY
Tiny bite NIP
Tissue additive ALOE
Token in Monopoly HAT
Type of parrot KEA
Very hard to find RARE
Watts of pictures NAOMI
What knitting needles need YARN
Words that end bachelorhood IDO
Young lady GIRL
___ serif (type style) SANS

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