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Family Time – Apr 26 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“… steadfast ___ the years” (“O Canada”) THRO
“A solid clue!” AHA
“Beauty and the Beast” character BELLE
“Deck the Halls” word TIS
“Eureka!” OHO
“Hey, buddy!” PSST
“I, Robot” writer ASIMOV
“Sic ’em!” ATTACK
“Survivor” setting ISLE
“___ for the poor!” ALMS
“___, poor Yorick!” ALAS
A herring SHAD
A restaurant or amusement park may have one THEME
Aloha boa LEI
Anti-apartheid org ANC
Apple or blueberry concoction PIE
Backup in a lane LOGJAM
Bashful SHY
Bed-and-breakfast INN
Blood category TYPE
Botanical seed coat ARIL
Burdensome work TRAVAIL
Carpenter’s file RASP
Choose not to prevent LET
Commencement cover CAP
Consumption USE
Corny coat HUSK
Creepy eye contact LEER
Crude fellow BOOR
Destructive noisemaker JACKHAMMER
Detachable sections MODULES
Enthusiasm and energy PEP
Fuse motherboard connections SOLDER
Halftime delivery (2 words) PEPTALK
Hand cream additive ALOE
Insignificant amount IOTA
It’s based in D.C CONGRESS
Kanga’s child ROO
Kindhearted soul SOFTY
Like sidewalk dining ALFRESCO
Make oneself scarce FLEE
Marshy areas BOGS
Molecule part ATOM
Narrative of heroic exploits SAGA
New Year’s song title starter AULD
Off-limits thing NONO
Optimistic UPBEAT
Peter’s diet? (2 words) RABBITFOOD
Practice bobbing and weaving SPAR
Rock that’s picked ORE
Sardine can opener KEY
Suds maker SOAP
The first son compared to the rest ELDEST
Thing a kid may be challenged to RACE
Train for a 10K RUN
Verse on a vase ODE
Weaver’s equipment LOOM
What bumper cars do WRECK
Which dude? WHO
Word with “room” or “team” MATE
___ off (crushed a golf ball) TEED