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Family Time – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
“Game, ___ and match” SET
“Oh, before I forget …” ALSO
“Speak your piece” piece OPED
“Will there be anything ___?” ELSE
“___ time to go” ITS
Apartment that’s owned CONDO
Area 51 craft UFO
Area ___ (phone number start) CODE
Astonishment AWE
Big-time coffee holder URN
Bit of footwear SHOE
Black road substance TAR
Box for practice SPAR
Broccoli part SPEAR
Common vehicle AUTO
Composer’s work OPUS
Count these with those ADD
Cry weakly PULE
Deer dad STAG
Goat cheese FETA
Hair goop GEL
Have a bad 57-Across REEK
Home-run hitter? BAT
Honey Nut Cheerios creature BEE
In a peculiar manner ODDLY
Incentive STIMULUS
Jacket fastener SNAP
Letter on Superman’s chest ESS
Life-jacket stuffing KAPOK
Make an attempt TRY
Many millennia EON
Ms. Korbut of Olympics fame OLGA
Newbie TYRO
Opposite of gave away KEPT
Clues Answers
Outcry at a mouse sighting EEK
Oxlike African antelope GNU
Paintable water pitcher? EWER
Part of a badminton court NET
Performance for one SOLO
Place to dodge balls GYM
Prefix for classical NEO
Protesting hotly (3 words) UPINARMS
Rotting result ODOR
Russian ruler, once TSAR
See way out there ESPY
Seek damages in court SUE
Solid tree type ELM
Strong and well-built STURDY
Take a bath WASH
Tardy LATE
Tell on TATTLE
Terribly bothered TROUBLED
Tide variety NEAP
Time delay LAG
Tiny harvester ANT
Title for a king SIRE
To-the-max UTMOST
Tool for kickoffs TEE
Tooth core PULP
Traveled by helicopter RODE
Two-part DUAL
Type of bread RYE
Type of rug ORIENTAL
Well-used pencil STUB
What a Boy Scout takes OATH
Wild publicity HYPE
Winter frost RIME