Family Time – Apr 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“And that ends my prayer” AMEN
“Before” hidden in Cinderella ERE
“I told you so” sounds TUTS
“If you need anything ___, just ask” ELSE
“Later” BYE
“Not only that …” ALSO
Absolutely despise HATE
Baker’s abbr TBSP
Be boastful BRAG
Break info into smaller chunks for examination PARSE
British cans TINS
Center of attention LIMELIGHT
Charged particle ION
Clothing closer SNAP
Common adhesive GLUE
Covering for a Halloween apple CARAMEL
Dried aromatic seasoning used in cooking (2 words) BAYLEAF
Eggs of old Rome OVA
Fair way to divide things EVENLY
Famous transporter in San Francisco TROLLEY
Feature of a smartphone CAMERA
Gospel classic, “Rock of ___” AGES
Having a reason to say “Phew! That was close!” RELIEVED
Highest peak of the Alps (2 words) MONTBLANC
Home to many fish RIVER
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
It might reveal your shirt size LABEL
Jobs for some plastic surgeons (2 words) FACELIFTS
Like Old West wagons COVERED
Loop-___-loop THE
Low, secluded valley GLEN
Medically induced sleep COMA
Metal mineral ORE
Ooze through slowly SEEP
Optically amazed? POPEYED
Pastor’s shortened title REV
Patch of grass bought at Home Depot SOD
Person bringing the news, long ago HERALD
Ponzi scheme, for one SCAM
Put a lock on SECURE
Seed that can stick to you BUR
Son of Adam and Eve ABEL
Stat for a pitcher ERA
Storklike bird IBIS
Sunbeam unit RAY
Super Bowl or graduation, for example EVENT
Toy typically not used in summer SLED
Two words of failure for NASA NOGO
Type of rally PEP
Type of shoe for certain dancers TAP
Unspecified future time SOMEDAY
Waist fat FLAB
Was in position to win the race LED
Way to make yourself heard YELL
What high ground is above (2 words) SEALEVEL
Yarn that can come out of your mouth (2 words) TALLTALE
Yesterday’s verbs? (2 words) PASTTENSE

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