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Family Time – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“Baa” speaker EWE
“Get comfy” SIT
“Hang on for a sec” WAIT
“This, ___, shall pass” TOO
10-cent coin DIME
A Bobbsey of literature NAN
A coil, as of yarn HANK
A couple thousand pounds TON
Beluga delicacy ROE
Bit of resistance OHM
Carry by hand TOTE
Chocolate cookie treat OREO
Complete collection SET
Conclusion END
Corresponding in size COMMENSURATE
Covering for some animals FUR
Distinctive characteristic EARMARK
Dropper’s sound OOPS
Electrical thing WIRE
Entrance hall FOYER
Every one EACH
Fluted flower PETUNIA
Grabbed TOOK
Hollow roll POPOVER
Impolite look LEER
Ireland, another way EIRE
It has a familiar ring PHONE
Law enforcer COP
Lay on the line RISK
Leave scratches on, e.g MAR
Litter member PUP
Luxurious sheet material SATIN
Clues Answers
Makes mistakes ERRS
Muffin choice OAT
Newborn’s outfit LAYETTE
Non-pro? ANTI
Not outgoing SHY
Not smell good at all REEK
Opposite of early LATE
Opposite of thin FAT
Outrage IRE
Parking violation payment FINE
Part of most eyeglasses RIM
Peculiar ODD
Pied Piper follower RAT
Prefix for “normal” or “legal” PARA
Questioning word WHO
Rain hard TEEM
Rash-treatment powder TALC
Roomy car SEDAN
Smack, as a baseball SWAT
Spider carmaker FIAT
Sundial’s eight VIII
Tampa Bay athlete RAY
Title starter, sometimes THE
Topmost point ACME
Tract of open land LEA
Typical prom-goer TEEN
Was afflicted with HAD
Well-suited APT
Whooping creature CRANE
Wonderment AWE
Word with “high pressure” AREA
Word with any or some WHERE
___ out an existence EKE