Family Time – Apr 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Cogito, ___ sum” ERGO
“Guess again” NOPE
“Without further ___ …” ADO
29-Across security device ALARM
A beach is full of the stuff SAND
A long time follower? AGO
An assembly conducting judicial business TRIBUNAL
Bad time on Wall Street DOWNTURN
Basketball official REF
Bowling ball shape SPHERE
Brand-new walker TOT
Burrowing rodent with a barking cry (2 words) PRAIRIEDOG
Camp warmer FIRE
Caustic cleaning substance LYE
Cheerleader, at times DANCER
Cushion for a capped joint KNEEPAD
Cut off SEVER
Double off the left-field wall, for example HIT
Easter flower LILY
Escape FLEE
Existing from birth INNATE
Extremely hard to find RARE
Guinness for Alec? ALE
Has a birthday party CELEBRATES
Help or assistance AID
Honey of a fermented beverage? MEAD
Huge oven for drying hops OAST
I’m-better-than-you type SNOB
Impressive golf score PAR
Improved a manuscript or novel EDITED
It’s the birth of a plan IDEA
Jam component? CAR
Land measure ACRE
Legume in a pasture ALFALFA
Low passing grades DEES
Make preparations PLAN
Massive African desert SAHARA
Massive continent ASIA
Natural home HABITAT
New York canal ERIE
Not used? NEW
Oft-replaced 29-Across part (2 words) FANBELT
Optimistic feeling HOPE
Overwhelm, as flames ENGULF
Potatoes container SACK
Rhyming piece POEM
Shower gel ingredient, perhaps ALOE
Small egg, in biology OVULE
Small part of a circle ARC
Soccer shutout score NIL
Stretchy rubber thing BAND
Swift, long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit HARE
Switch position OFF
Thing on the neck of a guitar FRET
Thing to do at an auction BID
Three-ring center? EER
Time spent in an office? TERM
Touch lightly, as with a napkin DAB
Volcano output LAVA
What little things mean? (2 words) ALOT
Word not found on direct-flight tickets VIA

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