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Family Time – Apr 5 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Believe it or ___” NOT
“Do ___ others …” UNTO
“How are you doing?” reply FINE
“Is the sky blue?” answer YES
“That was a long time ___” AGO
“Yes” answers from sailors AYES
24 hours before now YESTERDAY
A New York professional athlete MET
Activated a bell RANG
Actual REAL
America’s bird EAGLE
Auto plate TAG
Big-time playing cards ACES
Camp housing TENT
Christmas tree adornments ORNAMENTS
Creepy rodents RATS
Cut off the sound MUTE
Divider between rooms on the left and the right HALL
Do a secretary’s job FILE
Drink with sushi SAKE
Find a function for USE
Fishy breathing organ GILL
Gal? No, the other GUY
Got dirty coming into home? SLID
Hand cleaner SOAP
Handled microwave dishes? ATE
How you should feel after a vacation RESTED
Indicate “yes” quietly NOD
It might see quite a bit EYE
Kermit is one FROG
Leave it ___ on the field (give 100%) ALL
Like a child with no brothers or sisters ONLY
Like farmers-market produce SEASONAL
Like many second graders EIGHT
Lion’s home DEN
Lobsters’ home SEA
Look as though SEEM
Made an “or so” guess ESTIMATED
Measures and touchstones CRITERIA
Movie theater things SEATS
Not messy NEAT
One of the seven continents ASIA
Part of a saber EDGE
Participate in a frigid sport SKI
Really tiny circle DOT
Repeating sound off a nearby wall ECHO
Shape of the president’s office OVAL
Shell out the cards DEAL
Show with lots of singing OPERA
Snappy, quick bark YAP
Snatch or grab TAKE
Strong wind GALE
Stuff on printing presses INK
Stuff to make other stuff MATERIALS
Supervise, as a business MANAGE
Swampy, mucky ground MIRE
Tampa baseball player RAY
Tehran locale IRAN
Treetop construction NEST
Volcano stuff LAVA
Walkable pond surface ICE
Was a good buoy? FLOATED
Whistle noisemaker PEA