Family Time – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
“And after that …” THEN
A penny is “one” CENT
Acmes (2 words) HIGHPOINTS
Anger in fire? IRE
Asian secret society TONG
Attitude of admiration RESPECT
Badminton court divider NET
Be faulty? ERR
Beer ad description (2 words) ICECOLD
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Burrowing creature GOPHER
Cold War weapon HBOMB
Computer image ICON
Conclude END
Conk out, as a battery DIE
Diplomatic staffer ATTACHE
Features of video games GRAPHICS
Fish eggs ROE
Foot part ARCH
Fully grown nits LICE
Funny person WIT
Future embryos, in a lab OVA
Green fruit LIME
Groceries container BAG
Group of signs ZODIAC
Heavy wool fabric MOREEN
Here’s middle? ERE
Him or ___ HER
Historic period ERA
Home baker OVEN
Horrible smell ODOR
Clues Answers
Huge ice block BERG
Hurries, old-style HIES
It may be polluted AIR
Kind of tea ICED
Large stringed instrument HARP
Multivitamin ingredient ZINC
Novels and such LITERATURE
Old Flying Cloud cars REOS
Old VCR maker RCA
One score TWENTY
Opposite of near FAR
Opposite of up DOWN
Prefix with “thermal” GEO
Press clothes IRON
Prisoners, briefly CONS
Prom figure CHAPERON
Put on an appearance FEIGN
Rear of a gun barrel BREECH
Restless and nervous EDGY
Rock that’s a nugget ORE
Says positively AVERS
Security worker GUARD
Semiaquatic salamander NEWT
Sheltered inlet COVE
Small attic GARRET
The state of owing DEBT
Type of tuition INSTATE
Winter need HEAT
Wise trio MAGI
With the bow, in music ARCO
Works on walls? ART

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