Family Time – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
“Dennis the ___” MENACE
Agenda entry ITEM
An egg’s shape OVAL
Animated film fish DORY
Bangkok citizen THAI
Banned insecticide DDT
BBC clock setting GMT
Blooming loop of Hawaii LEI
Blunt sword EPEE
Boar’s place STY
Boater’s paddle OAR
Bulls and roosters HES
Capital ending? ISM
Car grille cover BRA
Chinese cooking pot WOK
Cleveland’s state OHIO
Colossal EPIC
Community school grp PTA
Dashboard stat MPH
Dynamite stuff TNT
Farm male RAM
Fertile soil LOAM
Fireplace fuel LOG
Fresh or polluted stuff AIR
Grubbed down ATE
Gymnast’s balancer? BEAM
Happen OCCUR
Has a good cry SOBS
Historical times ERAS
Injure HARM
Judge Judy’s org ABA
Largest single digit NINE
Level of interest? (2 words) BANKRATE
Man of tomorrow LAD
Clues Answers
Middle Eastern dish PILAU
Molecule part ATOM
Morning condensations DEWS
Narrate RELATE
Nightfall, to poets EEN
Olympics chant USA
On the roof of ATOP
Opposite of sow REAP
Out-of-date (2 words) OLDHAT
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Place for a bat CAVE
RAM units MEGS
Remove a rind PARE
Reposition tires ROTATE
Restaurant reading MENU
Reveal secrets BLAB
Ship’s help signal SOS
Small-screen award EMMY
Soothing balm OINTMENT
Start of a conclusion HENCE
Start to sucker? SEER
Store on board STOW
Tailors’ creations HEMS
Thing to be tied SHOELACE
Thousands, in slang GEES
Towed tug SCOW
Unnamed quantity SOME
Use a stool SIT
Very excited AGOG
With mouth shut MUM
Years since your birth AGE
You of old THOU
___ carotene BETA

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