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Family Time – April 1 2019

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Clues Answers
“Act your ___!” AGE
’09 class member, e.g ALUM
2-D measurement AREA
A woodwind instrument OBOE
Actor’s portrayal ROLE
At hand, old-style NIGH
Avian home NEST
Basement’s opposite ATTIC
Bathroom floor covering, often TILE
Be in possession of HAVE
Book written in daily DIARY
Border on ABUT
Break big-time, as a record SHATTER
Chanced upon MET
Chills and fever AGUE
Chinese calendar critter RAT
Climber’s goal TOP
Constructions like Skylab SPACESTATIONS
Dinner-and-a-show venue CABARET
Dog’s high-pitched cry YELP
Dog’s treat BONE
Done deed FEAT
Drama set to music OPERA
Fabled racer in a tale HARE
Fish eggs ROE
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Ginger ____ (cookie) SNAP
Go inside ENTER
Great friend PAL
Invalid NULL
Jump on one foot HOP
Like Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard BARE
Likely (to) APT
Long written assignment ESSAY
Mama’s hubby PAPA
Masterful cook CHEF
Medicine dose PILL
Mister alternative SIR
Movies provide it ENTERTAINMENT
Nonabrasive leather CHAMOIS
Not odd EVEN
Old Greek coin DRACHMA
One’s successor TWO
Part of a staircase STEP
Pigeon sound COO
Place for a mudbath SPA
Princess’ crown TIARA
Proof of a fire ASH
Pub serving ALE
Resting place BED
Rush wildly about RAMPAGE
Self-defense in court, for one PLEA
Small stationery item NOTELET
Software with editing tools (2 words) WORDPROCESSOR
Tailor-made line HEM
Take a break REST
To this point YET
Token in Monopoly HAT
What a dark cloud can be, to some OMEN
Where the tricep is ARM
Word from the pews AMEN
___ End (movie’s last words) THE