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Family Time – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
“Anytown, ___” USA
“Faster, faster!” (2 words) GOGO
“Fire” gem OPAL
“It’s ___ a while!” BEEN
“Little Orphan Annie” character, with “the” ASP
“Mr. Holland’s ___” (1995 movie) OPUS
“Now I ___ me …” LAY
“The Best Is ___ to Come” YET
(K) “___ End” THE
A group of them is called an ambush TIGER
Agog, obviously BUGEYED
An animated dwarf DOC
Anatomical bulge NODE
Ancient character RUNE
Asiatic legume SOYA
Bawl SOB
Be sore, as from a long run ACHE
Before, poetically ERE
Bent an ear toward LISTENED
Bit of bridal attire VEIL
Breed of sheep CHEVIOT
Calcutta dress SARI
Catch one’s breath REST
Cavalry soldier HUSSAR
Cavity in the head SINUS
Chemist’s workplace LAB
Choir voice ALTO
Chomp down on BITE
Decay ROT
Early computer operating system UNIX
Egg, fancy OVA
Form of “to be” ARE
Get ___ the ground floor (2 words) INON
Go temporarily off course YAW
Horse’s trot GAIT
Implore URGE
Mass emigration EXODUS
Measurement of electricity KILOWATT
Mexican coin PESO
Music and dance ARTS
Number like 44 or 120 EVEN
Ointment application unit DAB
Old travel aid MAP
Onion’s kin LEEK
Part of a cliff EDGE
Part of a price PER
Pitching stat ERA
Praise mightily EXTOL
Puppy’s 5-Across NIP
Relocate MOVE
Score halved TEN
Shaggy beast YAK
Small six-legger ANT
Smell really, really bad REEK
Solo song in an opera ARIA
Something to “PUSH FOR” ICE
Striped hyena, for one SCAVENGER
The woman over there SHE
Trio seeking Jesus MAGI
Undo, as a new marriage ANNUL
Use a bull horn? GORE
Use a needle SEW
Weight revealer SCALE
___ corgi (dog breed) WELSH